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Welcome, and thank you for considering optimum consultancy to help your venue and events team to be prepared and knowledgable about the select market in Indian and Jewish weddings, a fast growing sector in destination weddings.


I started in the fashion industry in London as a model where I found myself drawn to the detail and organisation that took place behind the scenes. Inspired I combined my networking skills and eye for design and quickly realised I had a knack for putting together the events I was taking part in. Since then I have established an international wedding and event planning company creating specialist weddings in select venues around Europe.

Optimum weddings by Dyana Dessar attracts couples from all over the world wishing to host their beautifully styled, luxury destination weddings in Europe and around the world. Whether they imagine their day in a private villa nestled in the Spanish mountains, in a secluded château surrounded by vineyards in France, or even in a captivating castle in Portugal, myself and my amazing team find each couple the ideal location to suit their individual needs and desires. With handpicked venues across Europe and all around the world, the possibilities for destination weddings are endless!

Bringing in the cultures and styles of each couple is our speciality. As a company, optimum weddings by Dyana Dessar is very well informed in everything from strictly kosher weddings to six-day Indian extravaganzas with close to 1000 guests. With a broad knowledge of different cultures and religions.

I am able to assist each couple to not only realise their visions for the perfect wedding but to also bring together all the most important customs and rituals.

I have been offering destination weddings for the past 14 years starting with Spain and as the demand grew I spent time traveling visiting new locations and venues making contact with the most desirable venues.
10 years ago I decided to Niche down and concentrate on the Indian and Jewish wedding & events sector. At this point, I could see that there was a huge gap in the market with venues in Europe being unfamiliar and not totally understanding the requirements to create these truly
fantastic events.
Having worked closely with a few venues explaining as we went along what was needed I had the idea of creating optimum consulting by Dyana Dessar to enable me to
formally share the knowledge I have built and collected over the past ten years.


Destination Weddings have been steadily growing in popularity over many years, but gone are the days where a Destination Wedding was simply a way for a couple to have a less expensive wedding.

Today’s Destination Weddings have become ‘experiences’ for the couple and their guests and usually have multiple events over a few days set in stunning locations.

To achieve the perfect destination wedding requires very careful planning and expert knowledge about the destination, its rules and regulations, and what it can offer in terms of any particular denominations and for weddings of different cultures.

2020 will become known by us all as the year we want to forget, Corona Virus stopped the world in its tracks and as it closed the world down, weddings everywhere had to be postponed and in some cases, couples wanted to cancel if they could not have the wedding they had planned. Fortunately, more postponed than cancelled and all of us within the wedding industry have had to keep a positive attitude which has as I am sure you will all agree not been easy at times.

We do need to remember that people love to travel, couples will always get married, and the hunger for a specialist destination weddings and adventure will surely only grow.

Just to throw some numbers in for you, Around 340,000 destination weddings take place each year with that taking in 25% of all marriages meaning that 1 in every 4 weddings is a destination wedding. These were figures from 2019 so you can imagine that once the world recovers this will skyrocket.

Young Asian and Jewish couples are looking for a very different wedding these days, whilst still being able to include the religious and important traditional events within the celebrations. These weddings are usually larger numbers of around 150 to 300 guests and spread over two or three days with a hotel stay of a minimum of 4 to 5 days for the close family. This of course is a wonderful group for any hotel or resort to book. These clients are however very demanding and need to feel complete trust in the venue and the team responsible for creating and managing their events.

Optimum Consultancy by Dyana Dessar will bring you details and understanding of


  • Understanding of the religious elements and requirements to perform such weddings in your venue.
  • Ceremonies and events associated with each sector pre-wedding religious ceremonies, pre-wedding
    celebratory parties, wedding ceremony.
  • Catering requirements, menus, dietary restrictions
  • How to connect with these clients gaining their trust and confidence in your services, the right questions
    to ask during the first meeting or call to move them on to confirmation.
  • Understanding of required spaces and timings of wedding ceremonies and events.

When, How & Where

The consultation for you and your team, where possible can be in person. If I am required to travel the cost of transport and accommodation will be additional.
It can also take place via Zoom with up to 10 participants.
The sessions will run over 2 days of 4 hours per day in modules, Timing can be arranged to suit the team on site.
The sessions will be most suited to your events team, F&B manager, and executive chef.

Your investment for this service will be £2,500.
On confirmation, a deposit of 50% will be payable by bank transfer, with the balance paid one week prior to the consultancy.

During the sessions, we will have time for Q&A’s and each participant will be able to download the presentation for reference
after the event.

Get in touch now to make sure your venue stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Styled Photoshoot

Once your venues team has all the knowledge they need to offer these exceptional weddings and events it is time to promote and add to your website. It is a very good idea to create some images of your own.
Optimum Consultancy can design, direct and manage a bespoke styled photoshoot for you on site.

Your investment for this service will be 1 day shoot

Design, direct and management £1500 plus travel and accommodation if required 2 days shoot £2,500 plus travel and accommodation if required. Plus additional budget for model fees, decoration and florals to create the perfect set up.